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Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Soccer Experience

This year in school has been pretty fun and surprisingly I haven't had any embarrassing moments until last Thursday. My fraternity plays intramural soccer for the school and just for fun as well. My brothers asked me to come play because they were short a couple of people and they said I would be good at it because I was Hispanic and all. I laughed and I told them that I was a bad Mexican because i am terrible at soccer. They didn't believe me, so I went to go play. First off, I am terrible at soccer like said  earlier. Second, I am tremendously out of shape so I run out of breath really quickly. Lastly, the drill field is in really bad condition so it really didn't help out in what I am about to describe next. I decided to play defense because I thought that would be the least amount of running. However, I vastly underestimated how much running I would still have to do so I tired myself out relatively fast and when I went to go clear the ball out of the box I took a huge whiff, missed the ball, slipped on my  other foot, and fell to the ground on my butt. Not only did I fall hard on my but and get embarrassed but the other team scored and we lost the soccer game because of my lack of soccer prowess. Needless to say I will be the laughing stock of my fraternity for quite some time.

Personalazation in Marketing
This article was very interesting because it shows how IT can potentially help marketers achieve one of the biggest problems that they are facing in the future--personalization. As the article states personalization is probably the area where marketers will be able to make the most profit because the consumer will actually feel like they are important because their purchases will match their style and personality best. The article goes on to say how we have technology around that we fully don't understand how to use for personalization and that if we spend some time actually trying to learn how to use it then marketers could greatly benefit from that knowledge as it would help increase profits. If I do become a marketer I will try to take advantage of the technology at my disposal to try and give my consumers the most personalized service possible.

The Most Interesting Man in the World

As hopefully a future marketer I wish that I could get to do advertisements that are cool like this whole series of commercials by Dos Equis. I found this video interesting because I actually thought that this guy was actually Hispanic but it turns out he is a "gringo" as he puts it. Also I know he is an actor and he gets paid to pretend to be someone but I honestly thought he did all the things he did in his commercials. Like he said in the video he is kind of a hermit and enjoys the quiet and nature as opposed to the flamboyance and night life of the city that are in commercials. He may not think of himself as the "Most Interesting Man in the World," but with a house like that I think he probably has had his fair share of interesting moments.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

About Me

Hi I'm Eddie Rodriguez and I am a marketing student at the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega. I chose this major because one of my favorite shows is Mad Men and for a living they make advertisements. Plus, their lifestyle seems to be really entertaining as well. I got started in marketing back in high school when I joined a marketing club called DECA. I did many projects in DECA including an Advertising Campaign for a local record shop in Little Five Points called Criminal Records. I created a billboard, a print ad, and a publicity stunt for Criminal Records. This project really sparked my interest in marketing and that is why I decided to become a marketing major.